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  • Electron tube
  • Electron tube
Electron tube   CX1159
The CX1159 Hydrogen -filled tetrode thyratron, featuring low jitter and low anode delay time drift. Suitable for use at high pulse repetition rates, in parallel for switching higher powers, or for switching long pulses. A reservoir operating from the cathode heater supply is incorporated.


Peak forward anode voltage         

33 kVmax

Peak anode current                        

1000 A max

Average anode current             

1.25 A max

Anode heating factor         

14x109VApps max

Peak output power               

16.5 MW max.


Cathode (connected internally

to mid-point of heater)            

oxide coated

Heater voltage                   

 6.3+ -5% V

Heater current                          

22 A

Tube heating time (minimum)          

 5.0 min

Inter-electrode capacitances (approximate):

anode to grid 2 (grid 1 and cathode

not connected)       

 13 pF

anode to grid 1

(grid 2 and cathode

not connected)

  7.5 pF

anode to cathode

(grid 1 and

grid 2 not connected)

 26 pF